Chapter 9: Wenn Scham zu Stolz wird – Modelabel Kurt Prynne über unangenehme Wahrheiten

Grenzen haben die beiden Gründer Šarūnas (Litauen) und Luigi (Italien) schon längst aus ihren Köpfen verbannt. Ergebnis: Das gelebte “Borderless Syndrom”, verpackt in eine Attitude-Brand namens KURT PRYNNE. Die mutigen Kollektionen werden in Vilnius produziert, in Berlin vertrieben, von Amsterdam aus unterstützt und stehen seit Beginn unter dem Motto “wear your uncomfortable truth”. KURT richtet den Fokus auf unangenehme Wahrheiten und schlägt eine humorvolle Brücke vom Discomfort zum Empowerment. Wir haben mit den beiden kreativen Freigeistern genau darüber gesprochen.

What is your uncomfortable truth and how do you deal with it?

Simply not hiding it. KURT decides to convert the uncomfortable into comfort, shame into laughter.

Right now, sexual as well as gender boundaries are being pushed in new directions. How has your free-minded spirit evolved over the years?

KURT was already born beyond borders and stereotypes. It wasn’t an issue that KURT faced because it was naturally in a dimension free from all stereotypes, prejudice and definition.

How do you feel about the social media and fashion industry trying to break up barriers and show awareness for these topics?

Fashion is about people and changes in society. It can anticipate these changes and potentially predict what will happen in the future. Social media is a mirror of the time we’re living in and what’s agitating society. It’s natural that both fashion and social media share the same awareness for the barriers that have to be broken.

How important is it to re-mark boundaries in your mind?

KURT refuses the idea of boundaries itself. It’s all about identities and inclusivity.
What’s important is the attitude.

Do you think a world without borders and separated nations would be a better and more peaceful one to live in?

Geographical borders have definitely been bypassed by digital perspectives.
For example, the first thing that every dictator does is block social media.

What are the first thoughts that cross your mind when you hear the term “Borderless Syndrome”?

“Borderless” really gives you opportunities and freedom. But unlimited choices with no direction might be overwhelming sometimes. We created the KURT alter-ego for those moments. To inspire you to be daring, to make a first move and go look for yourself. Your place. Your future. KURT is not pointing towards the direction he thinks is right. KURT rather stays by your side as you look for it.

KURT PRYNNE stands for being loud and confident.
How can we free ourselves?

KURT is confident and not loud. KURT suggests that you free yourself from your fears, embrace them and be totally honest about them.

How do you deal with feelings such as shame or insecurity and what advice would you give to people to get rid of these emotions?

There is no advice for that. Just be yourself.

How can someone convert feelings of shame or discomfort into pride?

There is no shame and discomfort in being yourself.

Where does comfort end and discomfort start?

In your mind. Everybody is beautiful in their own unique way.
KURT is a celebration of that.

Imagine living in a place or a world where your free values stand as principles. What does this utopia look like?

KURT is already a place where freedom is not utopian.

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